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What is the Sooke Region?

Wild natural beauty. Getaway beaches. Forested and oceanfront walking trails. Surfing hotspots. Cool coffeeshops. And acclaimed restaurants and accommodations. All strung like pearls along a string of friendly towns and villages renowned for their volunteer spirit and tremendous sense of community.

Welcome to the Sooke Region, a 90-kilometer sweep of rugged coastline running west from Victoria along the postcard scenic Strait of Juan de Fuca. About two-thirds of our population of about 15,000 live in the Municipal District of Sooke. The remainder are scattered in rural, low-density East Sooke, Otter Point, Shirley, Jordan River and Port Renfrew. Collectively, we are a group of vibrant, active and engaged citizens who value the outdoors and the simple pleasures of small-town life.

Perched at the edge of a natural harbour, the bustling town of Sooke is an hour’s drive from Victoria’s legislative buildings. The T’Sou-ke First Nation has resided here for thousands of years. They were joined by the first wave of European settlers – farmers and goldrush miners alike – beginning in 1849. The two cultures resided peacefully with each other and the town grew at a slow, steady pace with logging and fishing as major industries.

Originally administered by regional government, Sooke took control of its own destiny in 1999. The town had developed in rather haphazard fashion, and major challenges today include residential development, preservation of green spaces, tax control, downtown planning and the need for more sidewalks and cycling trails.  Yet with the focus on the Sooke region’s greatest assets – its generous, big-hearted people and largely unspoiled environment – the future is bright here on North America’s splendid and untamed west coast.  (from https://www.sookeregionvolunteers.org/about-sooke-region)

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